Beware Of Wireless Hackers

Most wireless setups today use infrastructure network. This is more reliable than ad-hoc network which people used to use. ad-hoc could create collisions as 1 host would directly connect to another.

We need security on our network to secure our data from people who have malicious intent. If we did not setup up encryption on our network people with other wireless devices would be able to jump on to our network. If that happened they could reap havoc on all our data, and at the least use our bandwidth which would slow our network down. Could you imagine the time and money it would cost a company if someone was able to delete all the work staff had spent hours on. It would not stop there either it could be just the first step to them ruining the Operating System. Wireless security is very important and quite simple to implement. I would choose WPA over WEP as it offers higher security; WEP only offers 128 bit encryption. Wpa2 is the best now as it improves on the weaknesses of WEP by generating a new serial number for each packet. We would also need a password on the router (AP"Access Point") to stop people accessing the router and being able to determine the encryption key.

So for all you people sat at home now playing on your laptop or wireless PC, ask your self this simple question.

What are you going to do when you next attempt to logon to your wireless network and you can't?

You won't be able to because at the least someone has accessed your router and changed your encryption key.

What I say is let's STOP them now if you dont know how and you live near the Birmingham area then ask me to set it up for you. My charges are very competitive. You will need to live within a 3 mile radius of postcode b458rb to take me up on this price. You are welcome to ask me for a price if you live outside this area.

So after reading this ask yourself this is your neighbour surfing the net on your internet connection? If they are let's stop them together because they are chewing at your bandwidth. Why should you pay for there pleasure.

Look at my Wireless home page which will give you more information on getting wireless help


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