Linksys WRT54G Firmware Upgrade

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Firmware wrt54g firmware upgrade failed I will show you how to fix it  

Linksys Router wrt54g

So you were trying to upgrade the firmware on your router and it stopped (froze) halfway through. Your thinking to yourself im 50 + pounds out of pocket and your cheesed off. The symptoms are you can not access the management interface and you have no wireless light flashing. (RELAX)
This is what you can do, follow these steps carefuly. I know this works because I have had the same problem, I then researched how to fix it and guess what? I did fix it :)


I did have a compatibility issue using this tftp server on win7 but it worked perfect on xp and vista
Go here download new firmware. Make sure you download the correct version for your router, if you look on the bottom of your router you will see a model number.
Go here and download a tftp server from Solarwinds it is free but you do need to register. I just give out an email address I use for spam :) (It does only take 30 seconds :)
Open up the tftp software it will ask for an ip address,you must enter
Now enter the location of the bin file which is the new firmware you downloaded in step 1
Enter the password for the router the default is admin for this particular router (wrt54g)
Click on the upgrade button it takes about 20 seconds now have fun.
So you have read through this and your wandering should I bother, on the assumption your router is shafted then you have nothing to loose.

If when you have finished and it still does not work you should try again. So start from step 1 and make sure you download the firmware again just in case your original download was corrupt.



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