Fujitsu Siemens LI1718 Wireless Driver

As the title says download the wireless driver for a Fujitsu siemens amilo li1718

For all you people who own the Fujitsu siemens li1718 laptop and can not get the wireless driver you can download it here from my site. I offer the download in 2 formats winrar and .exe They have been scanned by me and I confirm that at the time of uploading these files to my server they are 100% virus free. I tell people that what ever they download they should scan with there own virus, spyware software this is no exception.


Windows 7 download Fujitsu Siemens li1718 Amilo wireless driver (Winrar)

Windows 7 download Fujitsu Siemens li1718 Amilo wireless driver (.exe)

Fujitsu siemens manual description

Fujitsu siemens manual download (this is a zipped file)

Fujitsu siemens manual download (unzipped file)


I know these drivers work because I own one of these laptops. :)

I would prefer to download the winrar one myself it is more secure. You will need to have winrar installed on your PC, laptop for it to work. You can download it by clicking this link. Down here

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