windows xp user accounts

windows xp user account

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You need to be logged on as an Administrator to perform this task

This tutorial will show you how to create a microsoft windows xp user accounts and create and password for you Windows XP operating system.

Click on 'start'

Left click on 'Control Panel' (‘this will open up a new window’) which looks like the screen-print below

windows xp user account can be set up in 5 minutes by following my tutorial

In the new window which has opened double left click on 'User Accounts' ( 'This will open up a new window' ) which looks like the screen-print below.


In the new window which has opened up double left click on 'Create a new account' ( 'This will open up a new window' ) like in the screen-print below.

In the new window which has opened up (‘you will now be asked to type in the name of the new user’)

Once you have typed in the name of the new user click on "Next"
You will now see from the screen-print below you have the option to decide if this user should have Administrative privileges or just standard user right.

Remember if this user has Administrative privileges they will have the permission to delete other people accounts and completely wipe the operating system from the hard drive. So choose carefully, if you give them a limited account there will be things they are not allowed to do without the Administrative password. So what account will you give your children??

Once you have decided check the box you want and click "Create account"


You will now see your new user in 'available users' as in the screen-print below.

win xp

You have now created a user account for your Windows XP operating system. The new account you have created does not have a password which is very insecure (unsafe)

Let’s create a password

Click on the name of the user you want to have a password and you will see the screen-print below




Now click on "Create a password" and you will get the screen-print below


You will be prompted to type in the password twice.
You will asked if you want to use a password reminder (‘which should help you remember it if you forget it’)
Now left click on 'Create Password'
Your done close all open windows

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