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To compliment this site and all the online computer tutorials on offer I have setup a computer help forum where you can go to ask your questions.

windows xp tutorials

Microsoft xp tutorials free for all to use, you can request a tutorial here If this has helped you please leave feedback

I have decided not to add any more content to this page unless some one asks me how to do something. The reason is because XP is as good as finished. I would advise everyone to consider updating there operating system to something like Windows 7. My prices are very competitive if you would like me to upgrade you PC or laptop for you.

Windows XP is slowly dying off as more and more people get Vista and Windows7. But for all you die-hards out there I will show you what all the options in the "Control Panel" are for. I will also show you how to get basic information from your computer which tells you the specification of your PC.


You can learn how to create "User Accounts" passwords, keyboard and mouse configuation the list is endless.


What s my hard drive size in windows xp? What are windows xp power options?
How do I diskfragment my hard drive in windows xp? How do I disable my windows xp firewall?
How do I install a program with Administrative privilages in xp? How do I setup automatic updates?
How do I change my windows xp password? How do I create a user account in windows xp?
How much RAM is installed in my windows xp PC? Networking questions
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How to block a webpage in windows xp  


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