windows xp password can be changed in my 5 min guide

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change xp password by following the instructions below

So you want to change your windows XP password

Left click your mouse on the “Start” button located at the bottom left of your screen
Scroll to “Control Panel” and left click.
This will open a window like the screen print below.

windows xp change password

Now double left click on User Accounts and you should have another window open like the one below.

windows xp change password

Now click on the User Account of the user you want to change the password for. This will open another window like the one below.


Now left click on “Change my password” and you will see a new window open like the one below.


You know need to type in your current password in the top box. Then type in your new password in the second box. Now repeat your new password in the third box.
You know have a choice you can either type in a pass phrase to help you remember your password or you can leave that blank.

Now left click on “Change Password”
Now close all open boxes
Now log off and re login to your system

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