windows xp disable firewall

windows xp disable firewall

Windows xp service pack 2 onwards comes with a built in firewall. You have the option to disable xp firewall if you want to. I will show you A way of doing this, follow the steps below. Just be sure you know why you are doing this as it does create a security risk.

1, Left click on the Start button at the bottom left side of your screen.

2, Left click on Control panel, (This will open up a new window like in the screenprint below.)


windows xp disable firewall

3, Double left click on Administrative Tools and a new window will open like the one below.


windows xp disable firewall

4, Double left click on Services (This will open up a new window like mine below)

windows xp disable firewall


5, Scroll down to Windows Firewall and right click on it, then left click on Properties. (This will open a new window like in my screenprint below)


windows xp disable firewall

6, Half way down that window you will see it says Startup type next to this is a drop down box. If you left click on it you will have 3 options

Option 1 = Automatic

Option 2 = Manual

Option 3 = Disabled

You can now select Disabled Now click "Apply" then click "OK" now click on the little red cross at the top tight corner of any other window which is open.


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