windows xp power options

windows xp power options

The idea of this tutorial is to show you where you can configure windows xp power options. So lets say you have a laptop and when the laptop has not been used for a certain ammount of time you want it to turn the monitor off by it'self so save the life of the battery. You can even use windows xp power options to turn the hard disk off as well.

click on "Start" (The green button at the bottom left side of your screen.)
Left click on "Control panel" (This will open up a new window like in the screenprint below.)
In the new window which has opened double left click on "Power Options "


windows xp power options

(This will open up a new window)
In the new window which has opened up you will notice 4 tabs at the top of the window

Power Schemes, Alarms, Power Meter, Advanced ,

Power Schemes will already be selected so use the drop down bar to select your preffered scheme.I am using a laptop so my prefered scheme would be "Portable/Laptop"
You are also given extra settings if you are using a laptop things like:

Turn off monitor, Turn off hard disks,

windows xp power options


These options are very self explanatory for instance if your laptop is running off batteries you might want your monitor to turn its self off after lets say 10min of not being used. If your laptop is plugged in to the mains then you might prefer for it never to be turned off.
Simply click on "OK" when your done.

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