Administrative Privilages in XP

Administrative Privileges


How do I install a program that requires Administrative privileges in Windows XP?

Let’s say you have just downloaded a program from some where on the internet. The default location this program will be downloaded to is your (“Downloads” folder)

So once you have located your program do this.

1, Right click on the program you have just downloaded this will give you several options as you will see from the screen-print below.



You will notice there is one called “Run as” you need to left click on it.
You will then get a pop up box which looks like the one below. You need to click “Run


After you have clicked Run you will see the box below asking which user to install the program. If the current user does not have privileges to install then you need to click on a user name that does and type in the password.



Now click OK if the program runs then you are in business.

If you get an error message like the one below then you have not clicked on a user who has Administrative privileges. So you need to start again.



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