enable windows 7 updates

Windows 7

Windows Update

Control panel

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Windows 7 has an update feature in the control panel. If you do not know how to access the control panel look here

Now you are in the control panel click on the "Windows Update" link which will take you to the page you will see in the screenprint below.

enable windows 7 updates

enable windows 7 updates

Assuming your system is up2date you will see the same message I have above Windows is up to Date

You are given 6 options on the left hand side, but we are only interested in 5 of them the first one just takes you back to the control panel (and im sure you dont want to be there or you would not be reading this) :)

The 5 options we are interested in are listed below

1, Check for updates

2, Change settings

3, View update history

4, Restore hidden updates

5, Updates frequently asked questions


Check for updates

To check if your pc requires any updates click on the Check for updates link.Where it says in my screenprint 1 Windows is up to date this will change to Checking for updates.


Change settings

Here you are given several options regarding how you want your pc to check for upadtes or not as listed below.

1, Install updates automatically (recommended )

2, Download updates but let me choose whether to install them

3, Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them

4, Never check for updates ( Not recommended )


Option 1,

This is the recommended setting for your pc any updates will automatically be downloaded and installed without asking your permission.This is the best setting if you do not want to be concerned about whether your pc is up2date or not.

Option 2,

With this option any updates for your pc will automaticaly be downloaded but they will not be installed until you say they can be.Maybe your pc is low on resources and you dont want to install them at this particular time.

Option 3,

This option will check for updates, it will then list the updates so you can see them.You then have the option to download and install them or not.

Option 4,

Why would you never want to check for updates I would not recommend this option to anyone especialy the average home user.To select this option you will make your pc vulnerable to all kinds of threats, malware and like.