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Computer start up

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Startup Windows 7     

There is lots of software we install on our PC that we do not want to start when the computer starts. I will show you one way of dealing with this.

Click on start and in the search (run) box type in "msconfig" without the ""

This will open a window like the one below. You will see there are 5 tabs at the top of the window

The 5 tabs are, General, Boot, Services, Startup, Tools (click on the one that says "Startup")

startup in windows 7

You will see it lists lots of software and various programmes. Look for the software you do not want to startup and remove the tick from the box like I have done below. You will see I have removed the tick from "Nero" You can now click on "Apply" then click on "OK" to cloce the window.

windows 7 startup

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