windows 7 adjust volume

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How do I access the sound configuration on Windows 7 ?

I have no sound on my pc what can I do ?

I have never had sound on my pc what should I do ?

I sometimes have sound on my pc what can I do ?

You access your sound application from the control panel in Windows 7 it is quite a basic feature as you can see from the screenprint below. If you do not know how to access your Control panel look here

Click on the Sound icon in the Control Panel and you will see similar to the Screenprint below.


windows 7 adjust volume


Along the top row there are 4 tabs

1, Playback

2, Recording

3, Sounds

4, Communication

"Below these tabs it says Select a playback device below to modify it's settings" Look closely at mine you will see it says Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio This tells me The driver for my sound is installed. If my driver was not installed you will see from the screenprint below what the dialog box would look like when I click on the Sound icon on my Desktop. The error message says "Currently unavailable"

windows 7 sound


The way I have just shown you really is just a quick way of checking if Windows 7 has detected your sound device. Another way to see if there is a problem with your Sound would be to open the Control Panel and click on "System". Once you have clicked on System click on Device Manager and look down the list for a yellow exclamation mark like you see in the screenprint below. If you have a an exclamation mark then you do have a problem. If the exclamation mark is next to "Multimedia Audio Controller" then you have a problem with your sound.

Windows 7 is very good at automatically finding and installing your sound driver automatically. There are occasions when we need to do this manually because of one reason or another.In order to do this we need to know what driver to install.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your system is up2date. If you do not know how to do this read here We need to make sure our system is up2date because Windows 7 is very good at installing drivers for us.

windows 7 adjust volume


What to do if your driver is not installed and you do not know what driver you need or where to look for a driver.

We need to know what Make and Model you have so:

Click on "Start"

Click on "All Programs" ( You will now see a list of yellow Folders).

Click on "Accessories"

Click on "System Tools"

Click on "System Information"

You will now have a window in front of you which will be similar to the screenprint below. You will see the window is split in 2 you will need to look in the right side of this window for your System Manufacturer and System Model.You need to write these down for reference later.

Now close any open Windows you have open.

Now lets say your Manufacturer was HP/Compaq you need to go to the HP/Compaq website then go to Support and Drivers and type in your system model in the search bar.and just follow the onscreen prompts.If you do struggle to find a specific driver you are welcome to email me and I will have a quick search for you. It is important you know your system make and model and the operating system you are using before emailing me to make things go a bit smoother.