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Windows 7     

windows 7 screen resolution


To access the screen resolution of your Windows 7 PC simply right click on the desktop and left click on Screen resolution. This will open a new window like the one below.

windows screen resolution helps you view windows in a better way





This tutorial can not tell you what screen resolution you should have because there are to many monitors operating systems and PC'S in the world. But what it can do tell you how to figure out what you consider to be best. So look at the screen print below and and you will see I have clicked on the drop down menu next to "Resolution"

In the example below I am given the option of 2 settings only 1280 x 800 or 800 x 600 I have chosen 1280 800 once you have made your selection click on Apply. That's it your done. If you are not happy with your setting choose another.

change resolution in windows 7

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