windows 7 remote desktop

To compliment this site and all the online computer tutorials on offer I have setup a computer help forum where you can go to ask your questions.

windows 7 remote desktop is quite easy to setup just follow the directions below.

Occasionally we all neen a little bit of pc help, the best way is to let a friend or collegue help us from there location. This way they do not have to come round and sit with you when they are busy. So to do this we enable remote desktop support.

Steps to take

To open the "Control Panel" click on start, click on "Control Panel" this will open a window like the one below. Now lok for and click on "System"

windows 7 remote desktop


When you click on "System" it will open a new window like mine below. If you look to the left side of the window you will see it says "Remote Settings" you need to left click on this.

windows 7 remote desktop

This will of opened up a new window like the one below, you need to make sure there is a tick in the box which says "Allow remote Assistance connections to this computer"

windows 7 remotedesktop for pc help


Now click on the "Advanced" tab and it will open a new window like mine below. This allows you to specify the ammount of time an ivitation remains open. This way once you have allowed someone to connect to your PC you know that ater the time period you specify here that they will not have access to your PC. This gives you privacy. So make sure there's a tick in the box which says "Allow this computer to be controlled remotely" Now specify your time limit for this you will see in my screenprint it is set to hours. You can click on the dropdown box and change this to either Days, hours or Minutes. You can then click "OK" to close the window. You can close any other windows that are open also because you are finished. By doing this you have told windows firewall it is OK to use remote assistance so open the port in the firewall.

windows 7 allows people to conect by remote desktop


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