Windows 7 Programs & Features

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This is without a doubt the best program to come with your Operating System. This is where you will uninstall all those toolbars that got installed when all you realy wanted to install was a small simple program. But now when you try to browse the web you can hardly see anything because you were to relax or newbie to pay attention to what you was actualy installing. So here goes go to the control panel and click on Programs and Features.

Depending on how many programs you have installed it should take about 10 seconds to load up.Now look down the list of programs you have listed for that anoying program you want to remove and left click on it to highlight it. By doing this you know you have selected the correct program.Now right click on it with your mouse and you will be given the option to uninstall/remove it. Now each program may vary slightly on the process it goes through to acheive this ,but the end result will be the same so once you have right clicked with your mouse left click uninstall or remove and just follow the onscreen prompts.

Installed updates

You can also see all the updates you have installed on your pc from here.You might ask why you would want to do that but there are occasions when you are troubleshooting and the only thing you can put a problem down to is a recent update you have just installed. So it is nice to be able to see what the latest updates were.
You can also make some adjustments to some features like turning ftp, telnet, on or off among others. If you look at the bottom of the screen it will also tell you how many programs you have installed and how much disk space they take up.