Windows 7 setting up parental controls

Windows 7

Control panel

Parental Control


Windows 7 has this great little feature where we can restrict the time someone logs on to the computer. Lets say you have let your child have a pc in there beroom where you cant see it all the time.

Have you ever said to yourself he or she better not be on that computer I told them at 7' O clock it must be turned off.

You must be logged on as an Administrator to perform this action if you do not know what this account is for look here

Well dont just think it, make it happen who's in charge ?? yeahh I know they think they are. They take there pc lessons at school and think they can come home and rule the net 24/7 well the tide has just turned. If you own Windows 7 go to the Control panel and click on Parental control you should then see the same as the the screenprint below.

windows control panel


Now click on the username of the persons account you want to put restrictions on and the screen will change to this below.


user accounts

To the left of the screen it says Parental Controls you have the option to place a check mark in the on or off click the on enforce current settings box.

Now look just below it says Time Limits ( control when user uses the computer) left click with your mouse on this and the window should change to the screenprint below.

windows 7



Now in front of you there is a lot of white boxes each box represents 1 hour starting at 12 midnight. So lets say you want the pc to not be used after 7pm on the night everynight. Start on Monday scroll across to 1900 hours. ahhhh I forgot to mention you need to have a basic understanding of 24 hour clock for those that do not know it I will show you at the bottom of this page. :)

So left click on 19 which is the same as 7pm and click everybox to the right of it. They should turn blue when you click on them,when they turn blue you have just blocked that hour. Well done.

Now click on every other day you want to block and every hour you want to block then click ok at the bottom of the screen. In my example below I have blocked every hour after 7pm on everyday. When you have finished editing it to block or allow the desired hours click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the page.

parental control

Now if a user attempts to log on during a blocked hour they get a simple message telling them they cant :)

Who said kids rule :)

If a user has not logged off by a certain time (which ever time you set) they will be met with a black screen, (game over for them) No need to worry if they were in the middle of there homework. They will not loose anything so long as the PC is not turned off.

as promised for all you peope who dont have a clue about 24 hour clock here is a quick guide

0100 = 1am

0200 = 2 am

0300 = 3 am

skip a few

0900 = 9 am

skip a few

1300 = 1 pm

1400 = 2 pm

1500 = 3 pm

skip a few

1900 = 7 pm

2000 = 8 pm

2100 = 9 pm

If you still can not work out from the examples I have given, you are a lost cause :(


only kidding :) just email me I will give you a better example. My details are on the Home page