change mouse settings

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How to change your primary mouse button     

This tutorial is to show people how to change there mouse settings in windows 7. There are several reasons why you might want to do this, the most common would be that you are are left handed.


First you need to open the control panel so left click with your mouse on "Start" then left click on "Control Panel" this will open a window like the one below. Look for "Mouse" and left click on it.

change mouse settings

You should now have another window open like the one below. All you need to do is put a check mark in the box which says "Switch primary and secondary buttons" (To do this simply left click on the box) now click "OK" to close the window, then close the "Control Panel" window. Thats it your done.

change mouse settings


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If you found any part of my "change mouse settings" tutorial difficult feel free to ask any questions.