windows 7 keyboard


Windows 7 has some great features

keyboard options

windows 7 keyboard options

Windows 7 gives us the option to make a few minor changes regarding how our keyboard acts. If you open up the control panel and click on Keyboard you will see in front of you what you can see in my screenprint below.

You will see the Keyboard Properties tab.

windows 7 keyboard

So the options you have are as follows:

1, Repeat delay

2, Repeat rate

3, Cursor blink rate

Repeat delay is a very simple option what it does is this say you were typing something anything dont matter what open up google and press down and hold the letter "d" on the keyboard your default setting will quite quickly put the letter d on your screen. If you change this setting to Long there will be a short delay in how long it takes for the letter to be placed on your screen. These options can be good for people who have problems with there hands.

Repeat rate This is quite handy lets try this feature out. Lets once again open something like Google in the search bar press and hold the letter d you will notice that its quite responsive by default and the letter d gets placed in the search bar very quickly. So if we change the setting of repeat rate to slow and then click on Apply. Now go back to Google and type in the letter d and hold it. You will notice that it appears on the screen very slowly

Cursor blink rate This is how fast the cursor blinks on your screen. Mine is set to about 60% if you move it to Fast is will blink very fast some people might not like that I myself find it a distraction. If you move the slider further to where it says none it will slow down untill it stops.

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