windows 7 what's my ip address

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windows 7 ip address     

windows 7 ip address

ip address

At some point while running windows 7 you may want to find out what your ip address is. This is quite a simple thing to do I will show you how to get this information from a command prompt.


Click on "start",

Click on "All Programs",

Click on "Accessories",

Click on "Command Prompt", (A window will open like the one below) You will see a flashing cursor you need to type in "ipconfig"

windows 7 ip address

If you look at the screenprint below you will see I have typed in ipconfig we do this to find out our IP address, Default gateway, Subnet mask we then press "Enter" and it returns this information for all adapters.

windows 7 ip address

If it is just your ip address you are looking for you will see from my above screenprint the answer is

Subnet mask is

Default Gateway is

We can use extra parameters but they will be covered in another tutorial.









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