turn off windows 7 firewall

Turning off windows 7 firewall is a breeze

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Anyone who wants to know what the Windows 7 Start button looks like window 7 icon

As you might imagine Windows 7 comes with a built in firewall ( a Firewall checks data coming in to your pc and decides if it will allow it or not depending on your Firewall settings ) which you can access from the control panel. Click on Start then click on Control Panel you will then see lots of options from the screenprint.

windows 7 firewall is awesome

Now click on Windows Firewall and you will see the same as you can from the screenprint below

windows 7 control panel options is the firewall


If you look at the list on the left side of the screen you will notice one of the options says, "Turn Windows Firewall on or off" if you click on this link you will see the screenprint below.

windows firewall turn it on

You will see in the above screenprint you have several options (Please note there are settings for private location and Public location) We will first deal with Private location.

Turn on Windows Firewall

Turn off Windows Firewall (not reccomended)

You are advised to turn Windows Firewall on and leave it on.To turn it on place a check mark in the box by left clicking with your mouse.

There is another option which says "Notify me when Windows Firewall blocks a new program" You are advised to place a check mark in this box also that way if a program requires access to the internet that is not supposed to you will know about it.

I would suggest you keep the same sttings for the public location as well.The only time there is a need to lower your Firewall is if you are having problems connecting to the net or specific software.As soon as you have fixed your problem you should put the Firewall back in place.

Windows Firewall helps protect you agains "worms" that is malware :) not the slimey type in your garden.

There is an Advanced option for Windows Firewall but I wll have to Leave that for another day as I do not have the time right now unless someone specifically asks me to do it.