win 7 disk cleanup helps keep your computer free of clutter and junk


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Windows 7 comes with a great little feature called disk cleanup you can use this to free up disk space on your PC. Over a period of time it is amazing how many junk files we collect. All these junk files slow down the performance of your PC, so by removing them we increase our PC performance.

What type of files will disk cleanup remove?

Disk cleanup will remove all kinds of files that you are no longer using or no longer need.

To access this you need to follow the instructions below.

Click on "Start"

Click on "All Programs" like in the screen print below.



When you click on "All Programs" you will see the the screen print below. You need to click on "Accessories"

win disk cleanup


When you click on "Accessories" you will see the screen print below. You now need to click on "System Tools"

 disk cleanup


When you have clicked on "System Tools" you will see the screen print below you need to click on "Disk Cleanup"

mae your   pc faster y getting rid of clutter


When you click on disk cleanup you will get a little window open like the one below asking which drive you want to clean. The default is your (c) drive. This is the one we will work with so just click "OK"

 pc help

When you click "OK" you will see Disk Cleanup scan your drive like in the screenprint below. It is searching for clutter and will show you a list of files you can remove when it is done.

 cleanup for tutorials


Below is a screenshot of a list of files disk cleanup found while scanning. You can now put a tick in any of the boxes for files you want to remove.

clean win temporary files

This tutorial is now complete, but remember this is just one small step you can take to help improve the performance of your windows PC.

Microsoft disk cleanup is very good and getting rid of your temporary files, there are a lot of people who do not use it because they tend to install other software like ccleaner

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