windows 7 disable automatic restart

Windows 7

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This tutorial will show you how to disable automatic restart in Windows 7. Your PC might be stuck in a loop through having some kind of hardware, software failiure. If you have automatic restart turned on you wont be able to login to the system or the PC will continue to reboot without loading the operating system. This will stop you correcting the problem because you will not be able to access the logs and so on. If you have come to this thread before having system failure you can follow the steps below.

If you have come to this after having system failure you should boot your pc in to safe mode. This can usually be done by pressing the f8 key after the first splash screen on computer boot up.

Steps to take,

Open the control panel you will see the screen print of the control panel below. Yu need to click on "System"

windows 7  automatic restart


You will now have the window below open you need to click on "Advanced system settings"

windows 7


You should now see the following window open you need to click on "Settings" whch is by Startup and Recovery,


automatic restart


Another window should open like mine below remove the check mark (tick) from the heading System failure. You can now click on "OK" and close all open windows. The next time you have a system failure your computer should not get stuck in a loop.



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