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Device Manager    

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How to access Windows 7 Device Manager

The Basics

This tutorial will show you how to open windows 7 device manager

Left click on Start,

Right click on Computer,

Left click on Properties,

You will see a new window open up like the one below. I am only showing part of this window in my the screen print because that's all that is needed. Now look closer at the window below near the top left of the corner and you will see it says Device Manager. You need to left click on device manager.

win 7 device manager is good for seeing hardware which is listed on your pc




After left clicking on "Device Manager" you will see another window open like the one below. You now know how to access the device manager from here you can see all hardware that is installed on your computer. You will see little arrows next to each item in the list you can click on each one to get more information aout each device.

list hardware on your computer in device manager


Below I have clicked on an arrow to show you some of the information you can get from device manager. You can see I clicked on Display adapters, if you now right click on an option you are given the option to either,

Update driver software, (Search windows update for a better driver or alternatively search a specific place on your computer where you may of downloaded another driver that you want to use)

Disable, (You can use this option to disable the current driver)

Uninstall, (You can use this option to uninstall the driver which is installed)

Scan for hardware changes, (Use this option so your computer can scan for any changes that have been made)

Properties, (This just covers all of the above, with the option to roll the driver back to a previous state)

device manager hardware list






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