windows 7 time can be changed in 2 minutes

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Learn how to change windows 7 time, date in 2 minutes with me


windows 7

Windows 7 is a great operating system once configured the way you want it. This tutorial will teach you how to set the time and date on your windows 7 operating system. Before I do remember to look at all of my other windows tutorials which you can find on my windows 7 tutorials page here. Anyway let's crack on and I will show you how to change your windows date and time.

To change windows 7 time and date you need to access the control panel. To do this click on "Start" then click "Control Panel"

You should now see from the screen print below a list of all Control Panel options.

win time can be changed in 2 minutes no problem


Look for the one that says "Date and Time" and left click on it.

You will now have a new window open like in the screen print below.

win date can be changed to suit the country you are from


Now left click on "Change time zone" and you will be presented with another window (as screen print below) with a drop down box giving you the option to select which country you are from.

win date


Once you have chosen your Country left click on "OK" that window will now close and you should still have open the window like below.

wind7 time

Now you have the option to click on "Change date and time" so go ahead and click on "Change date and time" you will have a new window open that looks like the screenprint below.

win7 time and date

You will see it has opened a window showing a calander, there are 2 arrows which point outwards where it shows the month. Click one one of them untill you get the desired month and year. When you have finished click on the arrows by time and change the time to the desired setting. When you have finished click "OK" the window will close. Click "OK" to close the next window, then close the "Control Panel"

Your have now learned how to set the time and date, :) do not forget to look at my other windows 7 tutorials here. I wil show you how to configure all of the options in your windows 7 control panel. Changing the date and time was just the start, windows has some great features we just need to learn how to use them all. If this windows7 tutorial has lelped you please tell others.