Microsoft Windows uninstall software with my 5 minute guide below.

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uninstall programs from your windows operating system read below to find out how     

We all need to know how to uninstall programs in Windows

How to remove programs installed on your windows PC

Let's say you have installed software on your windows operating system that you wish to remove. This tutorial is based on Windows 7 if you are using a different operating system email me for a tutorial on that OS for you. There are many reasons you might want to uninstall programs from your operating system. Maybe you installed a program without knowing, this happens quite a lot more so with toolbars. You need to make sure when you install a new program it is not going to install extra software like yahoo and Google toolbars which are big offenders. Another rubbish toolbar that get's shipped with quite a lot is "babylon"

Left click on Start

Left click on Control Panel,

A new window will open like the one below, left click on the one that says "Programs and Features"

uninstall programs windows 7 is essential part of computer maintenance


The window will change to the one below like in my screenprint. You need to left click on one of them (the one you want to uninstall) this will highlight the software you wish to remove.


how to remove software from your win 7 installation using programs and features

You will see when you highlight the program you want to remove like I have done in the window below. (I have highlighted IBP) on the top line just above it and you will see it says uninstall. Just left click on uninstall and the program will start to be uninstalled.

uninstalling program that we no longer need is easy with my 5 minute online tutorial

You will be prompted to confirm the uninstall like in the window below. Simply click on Yes and the software will be uninstalled.


remove a program from your operating system



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Now you know how to remove unwanted programs from your win7 operating system

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