windows 7 what spec have I got

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what specification is my PC, laptop?


We all want to know how to access basic information from our PC, laptop for many reasons. The most common reason I have come across for wanting to know the basic specification of a windows 7 PC, laptop is when needing help.

So let's say someone has asked you what spec your PC, laptop is do this.

Click on start,

All Programs,


System Tools,

System Information,

This will open a window similar to the one below.

windows 7 spec


Now you have this information you can either copy it down or take a screen print and post that information online for someone to see. If you are not sure how to post an image online or take a screen print look at the links below. The ones at the bottom of the list.


For general guidance on on learning the key roles of your Windows 7 operating system look at this link here

below is a small example of what you could learn.

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Take a screen print Post an image online




Tutorials on a wide range of computer related issues, if there is a tutorial you would like to see on my site then please email me here. If you prefer you can leave a request here. My aim is to provide as much free pc help online as I can.