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Win 7 static ip address private lan

Windows 7 static ip address setup can be done in 5 minutes

windows 7 static ip, we do this when we know longer want our ip address to change.

You can tell your Laptop to accept one specific IP address. To do this is quite simple it will only take 5 minutes tops. :) Now there is more than one way to go about this but I will only be showing you one way.

Before We Start

First check what your settings are:

Open a command prompt and type "ipconfig" this will tell you your ip address, subnet mask, default gateway it is best if you write these down you may need them to put yourself right if you make a mistake. To open a command prompt do the following,

1, Click on "Start"

2, Click on "All Programs"

3, Click on "Accessories"

4, Click on "Command Prompt"

5, Type in "ipconfig"                                   (another way to open the command prompt is click on start and in the run box type "cmd")

6, Make sure you write everything down, or you could take a screenprint.


The first thing to do is open the "Control Panel" so click on "Start" then click on "Control Panel" this will open a window like the one below. When it opens left click on "Network and Sharing Center"

win 7 static ip address


When the "Network and Sharing Center" opens you will see a window like below. Look carefully at the screenprint below you will see a picture of a house, directly to the right of that it says the name of my wireless connection in this case its "mastersworld" yours will be named (whatever you called it when you seet it up) if you do not know how to find out leave me a message here and I will get back to you.

Anyway you need to to left click on the name of your wireless connection.

win 7


When you left click a popup window will open like below, you need to click on "Properties"

static ip


When you do click on "Properties another popup window will open like you can see in the screenprint below. I will go on the assumption you are using (TCP IPV4) so "double left click" where it says "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)"

control panel static ip address


When you do another window will open which looks like below. You will see 2 tabs at the top of this window by default the one that is open will be the general tab like mine below. You will notice I have got a check mark in the box which says "Obtain an ip address automatically" and there is a check mark in the box which says "Obtain DNS server address automatically"

We are going to remove the check mark out of the box which says "Obtain an ip address automatically" and put a check mark in the box which says "Use the following ip address"

We are going to remove the check mark from the box which says "Obtain DNS server address automatically" and put a check mark in the box which says "Use the following DNS server address"

private lan


When we have ticked the correct boxes your window will now look like this one below.

win 7 static ip

Now it could get a bit tricky depending on what router you have and how it is setup I am basing this tutorial on using a Linksys wrt54g wireless router.

So for my ip address I will enter

For my Subnet mask I will use

For my default gateway I will use

Preferred DNS server I will use

Alternative DNS server I will leave this blank as it is not being used in this tutorial.

Short explanation of the above addresses

( ip addess) My linksys router is set to hand out ip addresses starting at hence the address I used

(Subnet mask) This is the default setting for a linksys router and will also be the default for all other standard wireless routers.

(Default gateway) Assuming your Linksys router is not hooked up to another router this is the default setting.

(Preferred DNS) This is the IP address of your router (the default for linksys router) so different makes of router will vary slightly)

Just click OK and close any open windows your done :)

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