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     I have only just started to create this section of my site but all code that goes up is tested and working. All tutorials created here will of been created using Visual Studio Ultimate 2012

How do I create a multple choice quiz ? (I have created a seperate one to this tutorial details can be found at this link)

You can follow my online tutorial for creating this multiple choice quiz which has been tested and is working. It has been designed for an absolute begginer to follow.

I originally started out with Visual Basic.NET to solve a problem I had. I had so much great feedback from people while searching how to do something I decided to learn it. I scoured the net looking for tutorials for someone who knows absolutely nothing. Anyway I have came across several good tutorials and decided I would add these to my website on the chance it may help someone else. So this page really is designed for people who need a starting point.

As far as video tutorials go the greatest I have come across you will find below. They are by a chap called Bob Tabor who disects all the the code for you and gives you a fantastic insight in to how it all works. You can find the rest of his video collection at the address below.

VB.NET tutorials


As far as books go you can find some great samples by home and learn. They have some great material for people starting out. In fact I have put there book on my christmas list.


Creating a hyperlink with a label using visual studio ultimate 2012 just click this link.

Creating a link between 2 web page in your website just click this link.

Inserting a flash object into a .aspx page just click this link


You can look at my VB.NET downloads by clicking here