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Computer lessons suitable for everyone, To help get you on your feet. Read more here

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Malware Removal

I offer a pc help service based in Rednal Birmingham. The majority of people's pc's that  come through my door have the same problem. They suffer from Malware infection, at some point while owning a desktop pc or laptop you will also  become a victim. My website aims to provide you with the knowledge that is needed to reduce the chances of that happening. In those cases where it does happen I offer a computer  cleaning service which will remove the likes of Spyware, viruses, and adware from your computer. So if you have a problem and you want me to fix it you can call me on

Go Wireless

Would you like to be sat on your sofa while surfing the net, then go wireless today. It’s probably cheaper than you think. I will give you a free quote. Maybe you already have wireless setup in your home, are you using encryption? Or do you allow your neighbours to chew your bandwidth and surf the net with you. Wireless encryption is moving forward at quite a pace, WEP is OK but WPA2 is read more here.

Best anti-virus software

Vote for the best free anti virus software here and let the results show for themselves, free online help using my forum.

how to turn off firewall


All you Vista users out there you can follow the Windows 7 tutorials, they are laid out pretty much the same way.


They call it the black screen of death repair it now get some pc help and go here
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from firefox

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