Setup MS Outlook & Yahoo Mail

Learn how to configure MS Outlook and Yahoo Mail

I will show you how to setup Microsoft outlook to collect mail from your yahoo mail account. I will do this by showing you some screenshots look at my first one below. This is where most people make the mistake because a lot of information on the net tells you to write the wrong information in to the incoming and outgoing server. You will notice I have wrote for the incoming mail server make sure you copy this information to the letter.

ms outlook with yahoo mail setup is easy

When you click on the More Settings option you see the screenprint below. All you need to do is make sure the General tab is highlighted which it is by default. Then type the name you would like to refer to this mail account with.

yahoo mail setup


Now click on the Advanced tab and you will see the screenprint below. Make a note of the port settings and make sure you copy them exactley. Make sure if I have put a tick in a box then you do the same.


microsoft outlook setup











Now click on the Outgoing server tab and you will see the screenprint below. Make sure you put a tick in the box which says "My outgoing server........" and you check the box which says "Log on using" now type in the username and password of your yahoo account you want to collect mail from.


setting up yahoo mail account

So what happens if when you set this up it still does not work. Well there is one last step we need to take. Now open up your yahoo mail by logging in to yahoo mail. Look at my screen shot below and you will see I have left clicked on "Options" now scroll down and left click on "Mail Options"

microsoft outlook works with yahoo mail


After clicking on "Mail Options" your window will change to the one below. Now look on the left hand side of my screenprint you will see that "General" is highlighted. You need to scroll down to "POP & Forwarding" and left click on it.

ms outlook and yahoo mail work together when setup


After clicking on pop and forwarding your window will change to the one below. You will see I have put a check mark in the box which says "Access Yahoo Mail via POP" all you need to do is click on "Save"

That is it your done :)

yahoo mail