setup msn email learn how to send and receive email

I was asked how do I send an email using msn? So this tutorial will show you how to login to your hotmail account to read email and send email. The first thing you need to do is go to the hotmail login page which you can reach by clicking on this link. Once there you will see a login page like the one below. Now login with you username and password.

setup msn email learn how to send and receive with my online tutorial

Once logged in the above window will change to this one pay particular attention now to the first row. You will see it says,

Windows Live    Hotmail   Messenger   SkyDrive    |    MSN

You need to click on the tab (word) which says Hotmail

how do i read my email


When you have clicked on Hotmail it will take you to the email section section of your account from here you will be able to read and send email. So look at my picture below and you will see what happens when I click on Hotmail You will see it is showing my Inbox. This is what we call the default view because when ever you open your hotmail account it will always show your Inbox. Now you can see from my screenprint that I have an email. The email is from "Hotmail Team" and it has a subject of "Getting started with hotmail"

We know that the email in my Inbox has not been read because it is in Bold writting I will know left click with my mouse on the email and it will open it up so I can read it.

 emails that have been sent to my hotmail account

Now look at this screen print below if I had opened my Inbox and the messages in there looked like this I would know that I had read my email. (why) because it is not in Bold

emails Inbox can be read


OK so know we have looked at how to open hotmail and read emails from our Inbox. This is great but how do we send them? Well once again look at my next screenprint below. It is a clip from the same windows as above. I have simply made it smaller so you can see the word New easier.

sending and receiving


So click on the word New like you can see in my screenprint above and a new window will open like it has done in my screen print below. This is where we put our email together so we can send it.

So in the To field you need to write the email address of the person you want to send email to.

In the Subject box you can give a brief description of what the email is about.

In the great big white box below you can write what ever it is you want to say in your email.

Now click send look closer you will see where it says send just to the right of where it says Hotmail.


Hotmail is great



That's it your done you can now read email that was sent to your Inbox, you can also send email from your msn hotmail account to whom ever you want.

Why not test it out, you can send me an email if you like. Just write the word testing in the Subject box. I will even send you one back letting you know I have got your email.

One last thing if this worked for you please leave feedback it will let others know it works :)