This is how you RIP a CD in iTunes

iTunes is a great piece of software that works fantastically with an ipod.So if you want to learn how to put music stored on iTunes on to your ipod read on. This tutorial is specifically for the type of cd you would buy from a shop.

If you have a CD that has been compiled by yourself which does not have a composer list, ie when you put your CD in it says something like,

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3, Then you need to follow this tutorial here which will show you how to edit your composer list before you copy. The reason we need to edit this list is because if you have a multiple CD collection that you compiled yourself when you copy the first cd it will copy fine. When you attempt to copy the second cd because the composer list is the same as the first it will simply over wright the first list. Then you will end up pulling your hair out. So to edit your composer list click here.

I thought I would do a how;2 for those people that do not know how;2 RIP a CD in iTunes

So open up iTunes and it will look like the screenprint below. In my screenprint you can see a list of music if you have not put any music on iTunes is will just be blank.

how you RIP a CD in iTunes

Now put a CD in your CD drive and it will list all the songs on your cd like in the screenprint below. You will see I have used a Chumbawanba CD for this tutorial.



Now click on "Import CD" which is located near the bottom right of your iTunes window. When you click on it you will see it start importing the songs in to iTunes like in the screenprint below. When it has finished importing songs all your songs will have a green tick next to them.



You will see from the screenprint below iTunes has finished importing songs from the CD because they all have a green tick next to them.

a cd


Now connect your ipod to the PC and iTunes will list your ipod in the pane on the left side of the screen. In this case the ipod is called "stephens ipod" You can see the ipod listed in the screenprint below.

how you rip a cd in itunes

Now left click with your mouse on the name of your ipod (in this case stephens ipod) it will give you a drop down list which you can see in the next screenprint.

Now the Album I have imported is a chumbawamba which is dated 1992, iTunes being the smart coockie it is has placed that in a folder called 90's music.

ripping a cd in itunes is easy with my online free tutorial


Now all we need to do is click on "File" located at the top of the iTunes window scroll down to "Sync stephens ipod" and left click all our songs will now be in sync. You can see where the "File" tab is located from the screenrint below.

anyone who wants to learn how to rip a cd using itunes can learn how with my free tutorial

As soon as you click on Sync from the File tab you will see from the screenprint above if you look at the top center of the iTunes window. It says "ipod sync is complete OK to disconnect"

Congratulations you have just taken music from your iTunes and put it on your ipod. One last thing to remember is this you need to click on the disconnect button to disconnect your ipod from iTunes before you unplug your ipod. In the next screenprint I will point to this plug with the cursor so look for it next to the name of your ipod on the left side of the window.

anyone can rip a cd in itunes

If there is another tutorial you would like to see then go to my questions page here and request it.