How to edit your Composer list using FreeRIP

FreeRIP is a great bit of software it enables you to change the Format of a song ie, change it from .CDA to .MP3, WAV, Vorbis, WMA, FLAC

I will show you how to edit your composer list and change the format in 1 clean sweep.

So you want to copy music (RIP) from your CD to your ipod but the composer list on your CD lists your songs as like below.




Track 4, and so on.

To overcome this you can use some free software called FreeRIP which is good for many things renaming your tracks is just one of them. So the first thing you need to do is click on this link and download a copy. Once you have done that keep reading.

I will now assume you have downoaded and installed FreeRIP. Start FreeRIP and when it opens you should see a window in front of you like in the screenprint below.


Now put a CD in your drive, as soon as you do FreeRIP will detect it and list the contents of your CD like it has for me in the screenprint below. You can now see from the CD I have put in it was one I compiled myself because it has listed them as track numbers rather than list the songs or author. (We all make mistakes) To correct this double left click where it says "Track1"

When you double left click with your mouse where it says track1 you will see that you are given the option to change the name. As you will see from the screenprint below. Simply type in whatever you want.

I changed the name of "Track1" to the track name "Straighten Out" Now I think it would be a good the idea if while we are at it we add the name of the Artist. To do this if you look at the bottom right side of FreeRIP window you will notice2 tabs (buttons) one is called "CD info" the other is called "Track info" by default the "CD info" button has been selected so you need to press "Track info" when you press "track info" button you will see the right hand side of the window has changed and you are given the option to put some information in there like name of Author, Track name and so on. If you look at my screenprint below you will see what happens and the kind of information you can imput when you press the "Track info" button


Now have a go yourself by left clicking with your mouse where it says "Track1" then press the "Track info" button and change some of the details. All I have put there is the name of the Artist and the name of the Track. You can now continue to change the Format from .CDA to .MP3 To start the conversion process you can continue the tutorial here