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You shoud have Firefox version 15.0 installed by now

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This page will list all of my Firefox how to's. It is a new page and a lot of work needs to be done so if you have a suggestion email me or leave a comment on my comments page. There are lot's of how to's for me to write and it all takes time, if you would like to see a write up here sooner than I can write it and you are capable of doing it then email me.

As good as Firefox is, like all software you need to configure it to suit your needs. That is the only way to get the best out of it.

Repair quicktime error 0 which stops you removing Firefox history

Learn how to clear your Firefox history

Find out what version of Firefox you have

Learn how to set your home page in Firefox

Learn how to hide and unhide the Menu Bar in Firefox

delete babylon from firefox

My Firefox help is just the start of a great journey for you. So when you have finished why not continue the learning curve with the rest of my free online help.

firefox is a great web browser, it is the one Ii use for my daily routine. But do not take my word for it try different web browsers and make up your own mind.

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Here are just a few examples

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