QuickTime Error In Firefox Can not clear firefox history so follow my tutorial below

quicktime error in firefox is an easy fix

When I try to clear firefox history I get this error message, (Quicktime failed to initialize) this message is annoying more than anything and stops us from clearing our Firefox history. It is very simple to fix, I have read lots of different things on the net do this do that and they don't work. Follow my 5 minute guide to get yourself up and running.

It is annoying if we can not clear history in firefox so let's fix it now.


Quick time failed to initialize Error # 0 please make sure quick time is properly installed on this computer

quicktime error follow the steps below


Go here and download a new copy of Quicktime.

Download here click the link

Once you have downloaded Quicktime close your Firefox webbrowser, and click on the download to start it. you will see the box below. Just click "Run"

quick time failed to initialize


When you click on "Run" you will see the window below.

faled to initialize error 0


The window will now change to the one below, we will choose to "Remove" quicktime because if we choose "Repair" it will not fix the problem.

So click on "Remove"

frefox clear history


When you have clicked on remove your window will change to the one below you must click on "Yes"

Why cant I clear my firefox history


You will then see the uninstalling Quicktime window.



After a couple of seconds another window will open on top of the last one like in my screenprint below. You need to just click on "OK"



Once you clicked "OK" in the step above you will see the progress bar like below.

quick time error # 0


Then after a few seconds depending on the speed of your PC you should get a confirmation asking if it is OK for quicktime to make changes to your PC you need to click on "Yes" The final part of the removal process is when we see the window like below. Just click on "Finish" you have now uninstalled Quicktime so you have a choice you can either reinstall it or not bother. If you choose not to reinstall it you will be able to clear your Firefox history.

I myself would reinstall it because I find it a useful bit of software which makes your experience of surfing the net a lot nicer.

(The good news it we do not need to reboot our PC for this to work :)


If you choose to reinstall it go back to the "Quicktime" we downloaded earlier double click on it to open it and just follow the onscreen prompts which are straight forward.

Basically we have just reinstalled QuickTime, the reason we did not remove QuickTime using the Add and Remove options in the control panel is we needed to download QuickTime so we could reinstall it later. If you did not want to reinstall it then you could of removed it from options in the control panel. (The error message it's self says it all) "Make sure QuickTime is properly installed"

If you have any problems with some of the steps I have described in this tutorial you are welcome to email me

There is one thing for sure and that is the error mesage you were getting "Quicktime failed to Initialize"
has gone.

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