c cleaner tutorial

c cleaner tutorial

This tutorial is a basic guide to using CCleaner, it is a simple way of keeping clutter off your PC. You should idealy run this once a week. If you have not downloaded a copy go to piriform and get a copy, or click this link

(temp) temporary files clog up your pc and it is better to remove them this software will do just that.

When you double left click on the CCleaner icon on your desktop it will open a window like the one below. You need to click on "Run Cleaner" which is a tab located near the bottom right corner of the window.

c cleaner tutorial


When you have pressed "Run Cleaner" you will see it start to work, if you look at my screenprint below you will notice the green progress line. When it gets to 100% it has finished. You can see from my screenprint that it has removed 3.18 KB of data (junk files)

What I do is run CCleaner untill it says 0 bytes removed.


remove temp files from your pc

It is better if there are no open programs running when you use this. It has lots of other features as well. For instance you can tell it to start automatically when your computer starts. The down side to that is it will delay the boot time of your computer which some people will not like.

To close CCleaner just click on the little red cross located at the top right corner of the window.

I will continue this tutorial another day when I have more time.

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