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My Amaya tutorials

My Amaya tutorials will get you on the path to getting your own website up and running. The first thing you will need to do is download Amaya you can do that by clicking on this link. I will show you everything you need to know, all you need is a little time and dedication.

It is possible you have some knowledge of using Amaya and do not want to read from the start so I have broken my Amaya tutorial down in to manageable lessons.

Stage 1 (This is for people who have no experience so click this link)

Stage 1 lesson

Will show you how to insert images

Change the color of text

Align the text

Create a hyperlink

Open your page in a browser ie Firefox or IE

How to disguise your hyperlink within text


Stage 2

Stage 2 lesson

This will show you how to align an image either to the "Right, Left, Center" of a page.

This Amaya tutorial is a work in progress and being updated on a weekly basis.


Stage 3

Stage 3 lesson

This tutorial will teach you how to insert tables in to your webpage, I will let you decide why you would want to insert tables. There could be lot's of reasons but they do help at times with page layout. Most people use CSS now. There are and will be at times a time for you to insert tables in to Amaya so click the link and see how easy it is.


Stage 4

Stage 4 lesson

This lesson will show you how to view the code being generated by Amaya design view. There are several reason you might want to do this, the main one for me would be if I wanted to learn how to code :)



You can download an Amaya guide which can be found by clicking this link it is a PDF document. I know some people like to download packages which are zipped. So I have also created this in winrar which you can download by clicking here

One last thing folks I am creating my new web directory which can be found by clicking this link. It is 100% free like my tutorials are and the signup process takes about 2 minutes. What you will get is a free thumbnail image of your website or blog (this will be automatically uploaded) you will get to write a brief description of your site telling the whole world why they should visit you :)

When your site is up and running you will need someone to host your site check out

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