Amaya Tutorial

part 2

This part of the tutorial will show you how to align an image to the Right, Left, or center of the page. Download Amaya here

I will now reopen the document from part1 of this tutorial, you can if you like go to the start of the tutorial by clicking this link.

Below is a screen print of the Web page we have designed so far. You will notice the default when we place an image in a web page is to align it to the left Like it is below. what we will do for this Amaya tutorial is align it to the right. We are not doing this to make it look good this lesson is about learning how to do something.

amaya download and amaya web design


Align this image to the right

So left click on the picture of the Koala bear to highlight it like I have done in the screeen print below. You will notice it is highlighted because of the 8 green dots that go around it. If you look at the first screen print above you will notice it was not highlighted and does not have the green dots around it.

amaya help amaya


Now you have highlighted your image you need to click on the "Format" tab above it like I have done in the image below. Then scroll down to Alignment, and left click on "Right"

amaya download it from here at mastersworldofcomputing


When you have clicked on "Right" you will see the image move to the right side of the webpage like mine below. You will notice the blue mass of color to the left of the image to get rid of it just click some where on the white space of the web page you are creating.

amaya downoads and tutorials


Your webpage will now look like mine below. You have just learned how to align an image in Amaya.

download amaya and create a web page

Do not forget to save your work.

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