Server 2008 tutorials

Server 2008 Tutorials

Firewall Rules
Reliability and Performance Monitor
Active Directory setup
Static IP Address (Private LAN)
Event Viewer

Server 2008 is a great Operating System; its capabilities are second to none. I intend to show you some of the applications it can run. I will start with basic settings like managing user accounts with active directory. I will show you how to setup a RAID and configure advanced firewall settings. I will show you how to set user passwords and tell you all about what a Forest is. I will show you how to setup a DHCP server, web server, and many more. My online pc help service is based on tutorials; you request them I write them.


My server 2008 tutorials are designed so that a complete novice can follow them. They have been created on a click for click basis so you will be shown every step you need to take.