Server 2008 tutorials

Server 2008 Tutorials

Firewall Rules
Reliability and Performance Monitor
Active Directory setup
Static IP Address (Private LAN)
Event Viewer

To compliment this site and all the online computer tutorials on offer I have setup a computer help forum where you can go to ask your questions.

Server 2008 is an awesome Operating System; its capabilities are second to none. I intend to show you some of the applications it can run. I will start with basic settings like setting time to managing user accounts with active directory. I will show you how to setup a RAID and configure advanced firewall settings. I will show you how to set user passwords and tell you all about what a Forest is. I will show you how to setup a DHCP server, web server, and many more. My online pc help service is based on tutorials; you request them I write them. This free service I offer takes a lot of time so please consider donating a small amount to help me pay for website costs.

I also offer a pc repair service which you can read about from the link on my home page which is here. I offer a Malware removal service plus much more. The repair service I offer is at a low price, I do this because I want your business.

My server 2008 tutorials are designed so that a complete novice can follow them. They have been created on a click for click basis so you will be shown every step you need to take. You also have the option to contact me via my questions page if you want me to write a tutorial on something else.