Server 2008 active directory


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Server 2008 active directory setup

I will show you how to setup up Active Directory from Install to the point of creating a roaming profile.

How do I configure my windows xp computer to join a domain in server 2008?

How do I install Active Directory in Server 2008?

I keep getting an error saying Network path not found how do I stop this?

I get an error message which says that my server copy of roaming profile can not be located?

All these answers and more will be found in this tutorial. I will show you how to configure a windows XP computer to join your server 2008 domain.

Lets begin, on the server we need to install Active Directory Domain Services before anything else.

Click start
Click “server manager”
This will open window like below.

server 2008 active directory


Scroll down to “add roles” on the right hand side and left click with your mouse. This will open a window like below. You can just click "Next" as this windows is of no importance to us.


You will now see open a window called “Select server roles” like in my screen print below. You need to place a tick in the box which says “Active Directory Domain Services” and click next


The next window to open will be an introduction to active directory simply click next

server 2008 active directory

The next window you see will be just confirming you want to install “Active Directory Domain Services” so click “Install”.



The next window you see will be the installation window like my screen print below.


The next window we see is the "Installation Results" window if you look at it you will see "Installation Succeeded" you can click on the tab that says "Close"


active directory

Now that it is installed you need to launch "Active Directory installation wizzard" you can do this by typing (dcpromo) in to a terminal.

Server 2008 Active Directory

After typing “dcpromo" you will see the below screen

You need to make sure there is a tick in the box which says  “use advanced mode” then click “next”

active directory installation using server 2008

You will then see the following warning sign
Just click next once you have read it.

Server 2008 dcpromo

We are now given the choice on where to create the domain controller. The options are
Existing forest
1, Add a domain controller to an existing domain
2, Create a new domain in an existing forest (This will cause the domain controller to be the first domain controller in the new domain)
You can create a new domain in a new forest
For this tutorial we will “create a new domain in a new forest”  so place a mark in the appropriate box and click “Next”

server 2008 with xp

When you click next you will see a new window open like below. Here you will be able to type in a domain name. Once you have put in your domain name click “next”

server 2008 active directory

You will now see a small window open with the message “verifying netbios name”

scr13 server can not locate your copy of roaming profile

Once that message has gone  you will get a new window like the one below. If you are happy with the netbios name simply click “next”

server 2008 r2 active directory setup

You will now see another window like below which is giving you the chance to select the forest functional level. You will see I have server 2003 highlighted on mine as I do not have any server below that ie (THE EARLIES SERVER I HAVE ON MY DOMAIN IS SERVER 2003) so there is not much point in my choosing server 2000. If you do have server 2000 then you must choose it. Once you have selected the earliest server functional level click “next”

server 2008 domain

You should now see the window below. You will notice that “DNS” has been automatically ticked so you only need to click “next” assuming you want DNS enabled which Im confident you will.

domain using server 2008

You will more than likely get a DNS error like in the screenprint below. Do not worry we simply have not got round to dealing with DNS yet we will shortly. So just click “yes”

server 2008 DNS settings, r2


You will now see the window below, here you are given the opportunity to say where you want the logs stored. If you are going to change them then do so now. We change them for security reasons, if you choose not to so be it that is your decision. Simply click “next”
Your window will change to the one below. You are given the chance to now put in your password. Choose a good one. When you have put your password in click next


server 2008 r2 domain

You will now see the screenprint below Click next.

Your window will now change to the one below You can see the wizzard now configuring active directory.

Active Directory

When it has been configured you will see the next window below just click "Finish"
(We could have just placed a tick in the window above which would have rebooted our server when it had finished. I chose not to do this so I could take you through all the steps. It would have made no difference to the outcome.


When you click finish you will get a little window like below telling you that you need to reboot your computer. You should do this as soon as possible.


Now you have rebooted your PC you have successfully installed Active Directory Domain services.
Next step will be to create a user account in active directory so click here to continue this tutorial.


My server 2008 tutorials are just a fraction of the tutorials on offer. If there is a tutorial you would like to see on this site you can contact me here.

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