Children's TV character quiz

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Character Quiz

Why not make your child earn there time on the computer. Make them do something constructive before they get to play. In this small quiz you just need to pick the character that is in the children's tv program.

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Simple children's character quiz

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1. which character is in fireman sam
            a) Road Runner
   b) Elvis
                 c) Hannah Montana
               d) Bugs Bunny

2. Which character is in Dora the Explorer
a) Taz
       b) Boots
     c) Morgan
               d) Tweetie pie

3. What character is in Bob the Builder
   a) Percy
     b) Fifi
        c) Angelina
           d) Scoop

4. What character is in Bananas in Pyjamas

5. What character is in Imagination movers
                Humpty Dumpty

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