Need a fast computer (pc help)

Computer Support Forum To compliment this site and all the online computer tutorials on offer I have setup a computer help forum where you can go to ask your questions.

Would you like your old pc to feel new once again? If the answer is yes then you need some pc help.
There are several ways we can do this depending on what you want and what you already have.

Scenario 1

If you can not see this picture you need your PC software upgraded

Maybe you have an old computer which simply can not be upgraded, unfortunately that’s the hard truth with some of them.
So what can I do?
I would suggest you buy a new one, the way I see it is you have several choices.
You can either go to a big retailer on the high street and pay through your nose.
You could if you’re feeling lucky take a stab in the dark and buy off eBay.
You could ask me to suggest some where on the net where you could get a deal
Or alternatively I could get you a PC; we could have a look at some on the Internet from reputable shops I have bought from for which you would need to pay a deposit upfront.
I can usually get a fast computer the whole desktop setup from Desktop tower units, monitor speakers with all the cables from around £230.00. It is a good idea if you have some idea on the price you want to pay or at least a price you are prepared not to pay before we start looking. I say this because its very easy to just keep wanting, before you know it you will have gone £250.00 above what you intended to pay and when you get home you wont be happy.

Scenario 2

Maybe you already have a decent computer at home but wan't to know if it is upgradeable, that’s fine you can drop it off at my home leave it with me for an hour and I will give you my opinion on whether it is worth your spending any money on upgrading it. My opinion will cost you nothing.

Scenario 3

Your computer maybe slow because it is littered with lost and damaged files, bogged down with malware and needs a little tlc. I will clean your C drive for you open your computer up and give it a good clean so that when you get it back it will be the best it can be. Why don't you take a look at my price guide for an approximate idea of what you want. I offer 2 different service options.

Scenario 4

You are still running an old Operating System and would like to upgrade, maybe you wish you had Vista or Windows 7. If your feeling a bit more adventurous I will put a copy of Linux on there for you. This particular way of getting that new feeling without upgrading your hardware is quite cheap.
What ever your needs just email me I am based in Rednal Birmingham. As I work from home I can keep costs to a minimum.


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