PC Lessons For Beginners XP, Vista, Win 7

To compliment this site and all the online computer tutorials on offer I have setup a computer help forum where you can go to ask your questions.

So you have got your first PC and you want someone to show you how to use it. Most people will only need 1 or 2 lessons before they feel confident in being let loose to surf the net safely

I will teach you how to do all the everyday tasks most people do on there PC. You will see a list below of the things I will teach. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you want. I will even teach you how to use the web to find out some of the answers yourself. My lesson is for a full hour and we will squeeze as much in as you can manage. I charge £25.00 per lesson, and I am confident you will enjoy it..

Do not be worried if we have to go over and over the same subject it's not a race. The main thing is you enjoy and learn at your own pace.

These lessons are suitable for ages ranging from 8 to 108 so I will teach your child or your Great Grandad.

If you are interested in this pc help service I can be contacted via Email here. The area I cover is Birmingham, Redditch, Bromsgrove. You are welcome to email if your area is not listed here.

Most of the things I teach can be wrote up in tutorials for all you people that would rather have a go your self. The lessons are for those that prefer one on one tutition. If you would like me to have a go at creating a tutorial go here and request one.

            If your PC has been infected with Malware (Virus) then I offer a service which will remove this for you, the cost for Malware removal is £25. You will need to bring your PC or Laptop to me to qualify for this price if you are not within a 3 mile radius of postcode b458rb.

Phone me if in doubt on

OK, so you have decided you would like a PC lesson and you are wandering what to do now. You have 2 choices the first option is to click on this link and see if I am available for the time and day you have in mind. If I am you can book my service there and then. I will then be in touch with you to confirm your appointment.

If the option above is not working for any reason you can click on the link below. This will ask you for some basic details which will then be emailed to me, I will then contact you to arrange your PC lesson.

Failing that you are welcome to just pick up the phone and take your chances on my being in :)

Short note PC lessons are only available on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Friday,