What is a good password

This page will give you some idea on what a good password is. I see time and time again people who create password all in lower case letters, this is a big NO NO. Simple passwords are a security risk, for all you people who do online banking, what are you thinking of?

So let us look at 2 passwords

password 1 = birminghamcity

password 2 = Birmingham12City@”$C 

I know which is the best password do you?

Password 2, is the best one you can use Microsoft’s password meter to test your password but remember it can only be used as a guide. It is by no means the best way. You can find Microsoft password meter here.

Password 1 surprisingly comes up as being a strong password BUT

Even though this password showed up as a “Strong” in the Microsoft password meter it is never a good idea to use a place name because it would be guessable. So when creating good passwords it is a good idea to stay away from words which are listed in a dictionary and names. The password ideally needs to be meaningless. It is a good idea to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. Below are my results using Microsoft password strength meter.

How many digits to use

To achieve a best password using just lowercase letters we needed to use 28 digits
To achieve a best password using just uppercase letters we needed to use 28 digits
To achieve a best password using just numbers we need to use 39 digits
To achieve a best password using a mixture of uppercase and lowercase digits we need to use 23 digits
To achieve a best password using uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers we need to use 22 digits

To achieve best password using uppercase, lowercase letters with numbers and special characters we need to use 20 digits.

This shows that it is better to use a good mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters this will achieve a best result sooner using less digits.

But remember with the 2 passwords above in reality they are both no good why? Names, Places of any description are useless

Realistic I do not think so

I know you people reading this are thinking yeahh right there is no way I am typing in such a big password to just log on to my PC. Well you have been warned so the next time you log on to do Internet banking and your entering your personal details just ask yourself this

Is Any One Watching

Wireless security is not to be taken with a breath of fresh air it's serious. Are you using WPA or are you using WEP read here