Microsoft Operating Systems


Microsoft has quite a few different Operating Systems in use today, each serving there own purpose. If you ever feel like making the jump and trying something new you could try Linux.

They have so many different Operating Systems in use now with the likes of OpenSuse & Debian that have been around a long time. Then there are some really user friendly ones also like Fedora and Ubuntu. They can all be downloaded free of charge from there respective home page

For all you Vista users out there you can pretty much follow my Win 7 tutorials as they are as good as the same.


pc help tip

Have you ever been using and you have been redirected to google.UK ? To stop this we use the extension /ncr look at my example below. Lets say I want to use so I type and it redirects me to

If I type in

I will not be redirected to because I have used the /ncr extension this stops my browser being redirected. It stands for "no country redirect"