What is a Worm? It is Malware



This particular Malware is quite nasty as it can put an awful lot of strain on your computers resources it can spread it's nastiness without your interaction. Most pc's have 2 lights on the front of them, the first light is permanently on while the second light just flickers occasionally or when the computer is busy it will stay on for short bursts. When this light is on you can be sure your computer is busy. If you look at your pc when it is idle (doing nothing) you will notice the second light is hardly ever on just an occasional flicker. So when we run a programme we will notice the second light (we will call this the hard drive light) stays on for quite some time this tells us once again the pc is busy.

When we run a program on our pc we use the pc's recourses so if we run 2 programs at the same time you should imagine it is even busier and using more resources. What do you think would happen if we ran lots of programs at the same time? Eventually the pc would slow down and possibly seem to grind to a halt ( freeze ) So remember this if your computer is supposed to be idle no programs running expect there to be only one light to be on. If you can see 2 on and hear your hard drive spinning, ask yourself why because there is possibly a problem. And you wont be doing your pc any good if you don’t fix it. ( You can imagine that second light to be like someone putting the foot on there accelerator in a car and holding it there ) eventually the car will either run out of juice or something will blow imagine your pc works in that same way.

There have been quite a few well known worms over the years like My Doom & Blaster these are both older worms but were super good at doing what they were supposed to. There have been plenty of up2date worms going about. Hopefully you will not have any contact with them. The Blaster worm was intended for Bill Gates I don't think we would ever find out if his personal pc got infected or not. My Doom was spread via email which pretty much sums up what I was telling you earlier on about not opening up messages that are from people you don’t know. What the Blaster worm does is exploit weaknesses in your network and spread its self that way. It will continue to spread until it is stopped. The lesson to be learned here is to keep your system up2date with all Microsoft updates and make sure you have anti-virus installed and run a firewall. You should also remember what I said earlier about not opening email and certainly not opening an attachment from someone you don't know. Microsoft Windows XP comes with a firewall distributed with service pack 2. If you are running XP by the way you should ideally have sp3 on there now (time of writing this article 2010) If you would like to check the status of your firewall look here this article on windows firewall was to show people how to disable windows firewall. As some people like to use there own personal one rather than the one that came with sp2, none the less it will still show you how to enable or disable it. If you are infected and can not remove this yourself. Then get some pc help from me my charges are very competitive.

The next page will give you a description of what a Trojan is.