Learn about different Malware

What Is Malware

All people running Microsoft Operating systems should use anti virus software. There is a list of free software you can get from here. A lot of the free Virus software today will only protect you against Virus’s. So what you also need is some software which will protect you against Spyware.

Once you have installed anti virus, Spyware software you can surf the net feeling safer. There are some software programmes which do both, I will not cover this software because you quite often have to pay for it. Unfortunately that software goes against my site, as I want to provide free online help, and telling you to part with £50.00 pounds and upwards to simply protect yourself while surfing the net is not on the agenda.

It is very important that you keep your anti virus up2date and have the newest version installed. If you do not keep your anti virus up2date your pc may become infected with Malware. The term Malware covers quite a wide area. The term Malware is actually short for malicious software. This type of software is designed to cause user problems. It comes in many different disguises. I have created a list below of some common Malware, When was the last time you deleted your cookies?



The list goes on my intention here is to give you some idea on what the different terms mean. I am doing this so you can at least have a basic understanding of why we need to protect our pc. To protect our pc is to protect ourselves and our children from some of the more undesirable things in life. I’m sure you would not let your child walk across the road without looking. So why would you as an adult surf the net without protecting your identity. To continue read the next page which will give you a description of a Virus