What do people mean when they say a Virus has infected there PC



How did I get infected with this virus and what can I do to stop it happening again?
There is a couple of common ways you can infect your pc the first that comes to mind would be in an email. It’s quite important that to stop the spread of viruses we scan our email with anti-virus software.

Its possible and it happens regular when people get there first pc they open an email message from someone they don't know and there will be a link in it which the user unwittingly clicks on (That’s all it takes to catch a virus) The lesson here is do not open email if you do not know who it is from.

Big business like eBay has lots of this. I'm sure you can imagine lots of people have an eBay account. So when these malicious people send there malicious emails out to people if they have a good subject line like (eBay 1 pence listing day) it gets people interested (or certainly those with an eBay account.) Then what do we do we open the email thinking it's genuinely from eBay when it's not. So if you do ever get one of these the best thing you can do is delete it or mark it as spam. I'm not going to venture in to email accounts on this subject any more you should look at your email provider and see what service they offer. Its best to have an email account separate from the one you use for friends, family and business. One that you can use when you sign up for things I call it a spam account.

I also find that if you rummage through your settings you will (might) find a setting there so you can receive all email in plain text which is safer.
Another way of catching a virus is when we download something from the internet. We have all seen peer to peer sharing like kazza, well you have to be extra vigilant make sure all your downloads go to the same folder and setup your anti-virus folder to scan it for infections. One of the biggest problems is people (I should say kids but it would not be true) looking for free software. They download illegal software can’t be bothered to scan it and BAM you get hit with a virus when you run it.

Most programs we download today are in some form compressed i.e. Winrar or WinZip is required to open them. And while in that form your computer can not come to any harm. It is not until you uncompress (and or run ) this type of folder that you have problems. So I will say it again if you do not have anti-virus software go Here Now and download and install some immediately before going any further. If you need pc help then email me my charges are very competitive.


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