What is a Rootkit



A rootkit is designed to gain Administrative control of your pc. These can be installed on your pc unknowingly by you when you install another program. A lot of people today use peer to peer programs to download off the Internet. Bad people hackers and like install rootkits in to programs so that when you download what you think is good software you also download a rootkit alongside it.

So what do you think will happen when you install the program you have just downloaded?? That’s right you will also install the rootkit. So in lesson 1 always scan downloaded software with anti-virus software. This will not always protect you. The reason is this basically a rootkit is hidden from the Operating system, so if it can not be seen it can not be deleted to in effect if I have a root kit installed on my computer all other kinds of things can be hidden by it for instance it would be possible to hide a virus there as well.

Ideally we all need to use an anti Malware program that has live scanning. I know the likes of Ad-Aware are quite good.

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